What had happened was…

I know several post ago I mentioned I was ordering a tripod adapter for my iphone so that I could film tutorials. Well the adapter arrived and had a short opportunity to play around with it before my iphone was MURDERED! Thankfully I am not being charged with any type of negligence since the phone was in my care.



Do you see that black stuff at the top? Yeah, that is asphalt from NC HWY 73. I left my phone on the roof of my car and pulled into 5 o’clock traffic, where my phone flew off the roof and landed head first into traffic. It took me about 10 minutes to realize that the strange noise I had heard were the final moments of my phones life. Fortunately, I was eligible for an upgrade and I had done some things at work that earned me a nice bonus from my very generous boss. But instead of getting another iphone 4s that fits the mount adabpter, I now have the iphone5 . I loved the picture quality so much better, it really is amazing! So, I am still working on getting some tutorials!

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