Making Progress… and Color Charts!

My life has changed in everyway POSSIBLE over the last several months. I recently had to move back in with mom and dad after almost 7 years of being away from home. As chaotic as I thought it would be, it’s not so bad. I have much more time to play now than ever before and mom and I have joined forces with all of our crafting options and supplies!! I think things work out for the best!

When mom colors with markers she uses Copics. I haven’t really tried them yet. I’m planning on taking 2 Copic classes with Mommikins April 26, 2011. I took art classes in school through early high school, but that’s been a while and I just don’t feel confident with layering and blending color – plus I lack patience. I generally use Tombow Dual Brush markers because the color you see-is the color you get! Currently my favorite coloring method is colored pencils and Gamsol, an odorless mineral spirit. Even though I chose not to use Copics doesn’t mean I don’t have a little bit of marker envy with all the fun Copic color charts mom gets to use.

So, to get rid of the green-eyed monster I made my own color chart for both my Tombows and my Artists’ Studio colored pencils by Dick Blick.


The Tombow markers do not have a name on the barrel of the individual marker, just a 3-digit number. I just used this number to sort my colors. I am working on a way to post a blank copy so you can have one of your own to fill out on your favorite cardstock!


Here is my completed color chart for my colored pencils. I put the pencils in a color order I liked, purely personal preference. Then I numbered them to make it very easy to find and keep in order in the tin. The color name is printed on the pencil. Since I mainly use Gamsol with my colored pencils I made two columns for the color to compare with and without Gamsol. I realized about 2 days after I finished my color chart my columns are reversed, OOPS! I am by far not perfect when I “play”, that’s why I’m a NUT! The left color column is just colored pencil and the right column is colored pencil with Gamsol.


I will post blank copy’s shortly!

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